Today exhibition "Russian Art from Private Collections: Borovikovsky to Kabakov" opened in New York's ABA Gallery
     The exhibition arranged by Anatoly Bekkerman, the ABA Gallery's founder, bridges the gap which has appeared in Russian-American cultural relations because of the parties' disagreement concerning "Schneersohn library" case.

     In the middle of the last year the Court of the USA ruled that rare books and documents from Schneersohn's collection which are stored in Russia must be returned to the USA. 
     The Russian party refused to acknowledge the legality of the USA court rulings, thus, state museums of Russia were forced to withdraw their participation in exhibitions at the US territory, because artworks brought there could be arrested. In response American museums made similar decisions. Until present, no special intergovernmental agreements to settle the situation have been accepted. 
     The exhibition features nearly 90 artworks by well-known Russian artists of XVII-XX centuries from American and European private collections