Three leading Moscow gallerists declared closing of their galleries at Winzavod Center of Contemporary Art in Moscow. Marat Guelman ("Marat Guelman Gallery"), Aidan Salakhova ("Aidan Gallery") and Elena Selina ("XL Gallery") will change specialization. Marat Guelman explained to RIA Novosti that his gallery will stop selling modern artworks and will be transformed to a production centre "Cultural Alliance".
      According to official statement of "Aidan Gallery", its future work will focus on creative and educational projects of Aidan and her disciples. Plans of Elena Selina are unknown.
     Salakhova and Guelman confirm that their decision was caused by crisis in the market of modern art. Guelman remarks that today's atmosphere in the country is not favourable for collecting: "Eighty percent of all modern art collectors have left Russia."

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