Pin Art - installation method, developed in 1976 by ​​the artist Ward Fleming  and based on the idea of painting technique of pointillism, in which small, distinct dots are applied in patterns to form an imageAs the basis of the art-object, use perforated plane in which the rods are inserted. The tip of rods imitate the distinct dots. Changing the length of the rods allows to simulate a three-dimensional image of the objects.
    As a demonstration of a new idea, Fleming created several large panel-screens (Pinscreens) for museums, adjusted release small panel-toys that were very popular in America in the 1980s.

    Today the term "Pin Art" acquired more widely understood and exists as an independent technique for creating 3D and 2D art-objects.
    Famous photographer Philip Karlberg found an interesting development of technology. He made several portraits of famous people wearing glasses, using sticks of different colors and special lighting.

Philip Karlberg
"Johnny Depp". Installation, photo.

Philip Karlberg
"John Belushi". Installation, photo.

Philip Karlberg
"Lady Gaga". Installation, photo.
Philip Karlberg
"Steve McQueen". Installation, photo.

Philip Karlberg
"Karl Lagerfeldt". Installation, photo.

      For creating two-dimensional images in the technique of Pin Art often use regular drawing pins of different colors.

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