There exists an interesting philosophical story on how Leonardo da Vinci painted Jesus and Judas images at  "The Last Supper" fresco. These were the two characters to whom the artist assigned the major role in the composition, and the artist responsibly approached to the choice of models for these figures. Finally he managed to find a model for the image of Christ among young choirmen.

     Finding a model for Judas was much more difficult. The search went on during three years until a chance helped. One day da Vinci stumbled on a drunkard lying in a gutter. This was a young man made look old by hard drinking. Leonardo invited him to a tavern where immediately started portraying Judas from him. When the drunkard came to his senses he told the artist that he has already sat to Leonardo. This was several years ago, when he had been a choirman.

     Leonardo has used him as the model for Christ…