A painting is an interior element of no functional value but capable of changing the premises' perception, making the room more comfortable, filling it with emanation of biological energy and warm breathing. A good painting makes the interior complete and bears witness to the owner's wealth, artistic taste, education and individuality. Decorating the interior with paintings came into fashion in Europe at the Renaissance and has remained popular until now.

     The idea of leasing artworks (art leasing) for decoration of offices and private homes came to American gallery owners, was developed in Europe and currently has become one of the permanent activities of galleries in these countries. In Russia, for objective reasons, this sector of art business is still underdeveloped and only gathering pace. 
     While the competition is improving, large Russian companies more frequently care not only for the quality and benefits of their business proposals but also of the creation of favourable image in line with international standards: corporate identity, dress code for the staff, professional decoration of office interior, including paintings. 
     It is paintings leasing that allows solving the problem of interior decoration adequately, it provides an alternative to purchasing paintings - excellent opportunity for those companies and families that love art of good quality but want to stay within the limits of monthly planned budget.
      As a rule, art leasing involves long-term contractual relations between the customer and the gallery or the artist, which allows for periodic renewal and replacement of the exposition and looking for that very artwork which complies with the customer's spiritual needs and interior requirements. If the artwork finds itself "at its right place", usually the customer has the right to buy it or to extend the lease period. If a painting is bought out, previous payments are considered. 
     Not the least of the factors is the fact that art leasing allows for interior decoration with original paintings (not art prints!) which possess greater biological energy and create unique atmosphere. Frequently only such form of work provides an opportunity to see the best works of artists which comprise their "gold fund" and are not sold.

Paintings by Ivan KRUTOYAROV are leased for decoration of office and home space on a contractual basis. One can select the artworks and order their framing directly at the artist's workshop. Artworks from the artist's private collection which are not intended for sale are leased in exceptional cases. The basic paintings lease terms are set forth below.

       LEASE PERIOD. Minimal lease period is 1 month. Maximal lease period is not limited.
     RENTAL PRICE. Monthly rental fee depends on the total cost of paintings and the lease period and amounts to 3-7 percents of the value of the leased paintings. The minimal value of one painting offered for lease is 2,000.00 US dollars. Rental fee is paid in advance for the agreed minimal lease period. Retainment fees for paintings are not paid.
     PURCHASING OF THE LEASED PAINTINGS. The customer can purchase a painting at any time. In this case, rental fee for a period not exceeding one year is deducted from the painting's price.
     SAFETY OF PAINTINGS. The customer bears financial responsibility for the safety of the paintings in the amount of their full value during the whole lease period.
     FRAMING AND INSTALLATION OF PAINTINGS. The paintings are framed at the artist's framing shop, as agreed with the customer. The paintings are installed at the customer's premises by the artist's representatives. The installation price depends on the features of the premises and is charged extra.